Bows & Bandannas are free and included with each fresh poochspa treatment.
We use a premium spa line of all natural hypoallergenic products, Tropiclean is our choice for exceptional shampoos and  lavish spa conditioners, and every one of our treatment comes with a complimentary blueberry facial , a gentle tear less cleanser for faces that leaves a fresh  scent and soft fur.  
These spa treatments leave your pets smelling & feeling great with the awesome looks of a pet that is ready to win any show.



Our Service

A Special Treat for Your Pet

We offer the following treatments.

  • Deep cleansing bath
  • Gentle ear cleaning
  • Nail trim and light filing
  • Paw hair trimming
  • Coat Grooming & Clip
  • lavish deep conditioner
  • finish with scissor trim

We also offer these services upon request

  • Flea and Tick Treatments
  • Special Shampoo requests
  • Medicated Applications
  • Styling 


Professional Pet Grooming

Careful loving hands and tender attention. Text call 904-436-8000, Brighton,Howell, whitmore lake areas serving , Livingston county Michigan