Bows & Bandannas are included with each grooming.

We use a premium spa line of all natural hypoallergenic products and every poochspa participant receives a complimentary 'blueberry facial' this is a gentle tear less cleanser for those  furry faces that leaves your happy tails wagging over a fresh soft scent. 

Each of our grooms is lavished with 'Tropiclean' a premium shampoo and spa conditioner that leaves your pet looking great, smelling fresh and feeling awesome.

Our treatments will transform your best friends and leave your pets fluffy with the elegant looks of a pet that is going to be the winner at the any show.


Tail Wagging Duties

  • Flea Treatment $10 and up
  • Backside Relief (glands expressed) $6
  • ​Manicure & Nail Filing $6
  • De-Matt that Fur is a little extra 
  • We Promise ​a Fair Price
  • Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
  • call only 904-436-8000. Or text 

Our Fees

All of our services are subject to  pet size,

the amount of treatment and time.

  • Small Dog Treatments $60 and up
  • Over 15 pounds mid size starting @ $70 
  • The Big Pooches start @ $80

  • The evaluation is free  when we come to see, and we will quote you a fair competitive price for your pets specific needs


The cost of our services