Pet Group Discounts

We offer a discount for visits that serve more than one pet, the more the merrier.

Of course all pricing is subject to the amount of work, but two is better then one, and three is better yet. Just let us know, we will be happy to see, love and groom more than one pet at a time.

Lets work together to Clean, Groom & Love

Here are our Pooch Services Policies 

Pooch Policies

Clean, Groom and Love

Lets work together and have some fun

Estimates & Fees

All of our grooming estimates and fees provided by phone are subject to change. I can give you an estimate by phone, however, this price may need to be adjusted when we actually provide our loving service.

Sometimes the needs of your pet may exceed the original estimate and the cost for your service may be a little more, or less in some cases.

It is difficult to give you an exact quote on the phone, and due to the amount of actual work that your loving pet needs, we need to reserve the actual quote until we do the groom.


Need to cancel an appointment?

No problem. Just give me a call.

Please notify us of a cancellation at least two days before your scheduled appointment. We strive to serve everyone equally, and cancellations directly affect our ability to serve others like yourself. 

There will be a 30 dollar fee for all cancellations that fail to inform us ASAP.

I will consider waving this charge in some cases, but please be prompt if you have to re-schedule.