We  are unique in that we treat yr pups as if they're our own with love care gentle. Our fees are determined by size , time for each groom. We're fairly priced, small pups start at 60$ cash or checks fine too. Small under 15 lbs. we groom common maintenance grooms. smalls ie yorkies shis malts t poo. medium pups start at 70$ ie cockers some smaller springers , spaniels. we generally charge by hour. 60 per hour smalls generally are 1 hour, med are 1.5 hours , large 2 ++ hours. large ie doodles goldens. text call 517-883-3318. textin is fastest response due to driving. Type your paragraph here.

portable poochspa has over 30 years experience of grooming yr beloved pups. Text /call 517-883-3318 for appt. we're mobile , we come to your home, most dogs takes 1 to 1.5 hours only then back in yr home.